How to Sell Your Bullion

How can I sell bullion bars?

GoldCore makes a market in both selling and buying of investment grade precious metals. If you would like to sell bullion to us (subject to minimum order requirements), contact us and we will advise you of the procedure. It involves returning the metal to an approved vaulting provider, verifying the bullion format and quantity, locking in a price and then wiring your funds to you.

We will always buy back bullion that has been sold to our clients and remained in the GoldCore chain of integrity – GoldCore Secure Storage vaults. This ensures maximum liquidity and us being able to return your funds in a speedier manner. Please note though bullion sales will be processed in light of the market conditions and delays may occur given market liquidity constraints.

Non-client bullion, in non-GoldCore vaults will need to be shipped to our vaults, verified and potentially assayed.